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How to thin out hair with the best remedy in 2020

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Do you have thin hair or thick Hair?

It may differ from person to person since there are many ways that you can get thin hair or thick hair. Most people get thin hair or thick hair due to the hereditary factors. If your Mother or Father has thin hair then there is a higher chance that you might also get the same kind of hair like your parents have.  

However, it may differ from the person al preference whether you like thin hair or thick hair. Most of the people in the Asian region do possess thick hair while the others in the European region will possess thin hair.

What is the difference between Thick and Thin Hair?

To understand whether you have thick or thin hair you will have to get rid of the mess. First wash your hair with running water and leave it to dry freely. Do not use any towel in order to dry your hair or style your hair since it may obstruct determining whether your hair is thin or thick.

how to thin your hair
how to thin your hair

Next get a string of your hair and clearly observe the hair particle. It is said if you have very thin hair then the hair particle is barely visible to see. Furthermore, once you roll the hair string between your fingers if you barely feel it then that clearly indicates that you have very thin hair.      

Check for thin hair

In addition to that if you have thin hair it is said if you pull back your hair the circumference of a pony tail that is less than 2 inches will clearly indicate that your hair is very thin.

In addition to that a single hair follicle will also determine whether you possess a thick hair or thin hair. If you have a wider hair folic it will clearly indicate that you have thick hair and if you have a much narrower hair folic that will indicate that you have thin hair.    

Why thick hair is hard to manage?

Thick hair is good since it protect your scalp always from getting injured or protect your scalp from getting exposed to too much sun light directly. However, the disadvantage of thick hair is that it might not be easy for you to manage unless you apply something to control the thick hair particles like a hair gel. Furthermore, thick hair will increase sweating once you ate exposed to the hot sun and it will be hard for you to mage your day in such harsh conditions. Therefore, it is very important find an alternative measure to thin your hair if it hard for you.

How to thin out hair?

how to thin out hair
how to thin out hair

There are many natural ways that you can reduce the thickness of your hair if you are some one in search of measure on how to thin your hair.

There are many natural wats that you can make your hair thick by simply applying DIY home made natural products or by means of purchasing products from a drug store. If you lazy and you don’t want to develop your own home made DIY hair thinner then the best way is to try an online store to find the best hair thinners that you can easily purchase online that will suite your hair.

How to thin out your hair with a thinning sheer

This is often used by beauticians in order to style the hair and they provide great results to thin your hair as a temporary solution. Thinning sheer looks more like a scissor with a blunt end attached to the edge of the pace where you hold the scissor. It is mainly used to get rid of a certain percentage of your hair while holding the shape of your hair but by reducing the heaviness or the volume and the density of your hair.

Get expert help

It would be better if you go to a beautician and explain your requirement to them in order to reduce the thickness of your hair. However, if you are capable of doing it at home and posses the required skills in hair styling you will be able to try this method at home too.

This is one successful way that you could easily try out if you are in search of ways and means in how to cut thin hair to make it look thin.

Try out Styling your Hair different

This is another way that we can easily make your hair thin with the help of different styles. If you feel that your hair is quite heavy then you can ask your beautician to layer the hair and it will help you to thin out the tick hair easily.

Another way that you can easily tin out your hair is by means of a hair dryer. Once you wash your hair and leave it to dry you can use the hair dryer and simply make use of a round brush to roll down the hair to smoothen the hair. This will be one of the best and the easiest ways that you can thin out your hair.

Making use of a flat Iron

By means of a flay iron it will help you to thin your hair easily by means of the hot plates. But before making use of the flat iron its best to use a hair protection serum in order to stop hair cuticles getting burnt. Avoid using the flat iron in order to thin out your hair more than 2 times other wise your hair might be at a risk of breaking off if you over use the flat iron in order to thin out your hair the easy way.

How to style thin hair?

how to style thin hair
how to style thin hair

Layering your hair will be the most ideal way that you dan easily thin out your hair. This way will help you to reduce the heaviness in the length and at the bottom of your hair and you can easily get your done easily. This is another way that you can easily get rid of the thickness I your hair if you are in search of how to cut thin hair to make it look thinner.

How to make thin hair look thicker?

Now it’s the other way around. What if you are interested in getting your thin hair thick? Have you every thought of that way? This will be not an easily task since it might be easier to make your thick hair thin but it may be quite hard to make your thin hair thicker.

How to make hair thicker of an Infant

how to make hair thicker
how to make hair thicker

Infants are normally born with very thin hair and they have very few hair at the time of the birth. Once they start to grow you might experience that they have very thin hair. Some parents do like their kids to have thin hair but some parents do love to make their kids hair thick, specially in boys. Since they are still growing up.

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil for your kids

Therefore, the best treatment for your hair will be natural coconut oil or olive oil. This will help your kids to have get black hair with thick hair cuticles. Furthermore, coconut oil and olive oil have the necessary ingredients and the strength in order to make the hair strong and stop hair fall.

How to make thin hair thicker in Adults

Lets have a look at ways and means how we can use natural hair products in order to thicken your hair.

how to make thin hair thicker
how to make thin hair thicker

How to make my hair thicker with Eggs

This is an interesting way that you can easily make your hair thicker. Eggs are very rich in high proteins therefore, this is one way that we can easily get your hair thicker. What you simply have to do is get 2 eggs and beat it well to form a good solid mixture and apply it on your scalp and leave it for at least half an hour in order to let the hair absorb the essence of the eggs.

Double the effect with Eggs

Furthermore, there is another way where you can get 2 eggs 1 table spoon of natural coconut oil and one table spoon of water and mix well to create a good solution and apply it on your hair. This is much more effective than just applying the egg on your hair to get the best treatment. You can try out this treatment once in 2 weeks in order to get your hair thicker within a short time period.

How to get thicker hair for men with Olive Oil

Omega 3 is rich in Olive Oil which can help your hair to get thicker much faster than any other artificially developed cream or shampoo treatment. What you have to do is simply heat the olive oil and apply it on your scalp and massage your head for around 15 mins at a stretch. Next leave it for around 30 minutes and wash it off after the treatment. In the Asian region people use to apply olive oil or coconut oil over night so then they can wash it off the next day. This is another effective treatment for your hair.

How to get thick hair with Aloe Gel

Aloe Vera is used to treat our body in many ways. The best known way is to treat your face to get rid of the marks scars and use it as a treatment for blisters and pimples that occur on your face. But lets have a look at how we can use Aloe Vera as a good treatment to thicken the hair.

how to get thick
how to get thick

How to make use of Aloe Gel

Get an Aloe Vera plant and extract the gel from it to be applied on your scalp. You might feel an ice cool comfort on your scalp once you apply it. Leave it for about 30 minutes and was it off with mild shampoo in order to treat your hair with extra care. Aloe Vera is able to thicken your hair as well as strengthen your and provide a natural shield to protect your hair from hot sun.

Double the effect with Aloe Gel

You can even mix the Aloe Vera gel with Coconut oil or natural olive oil in order to double the effect of the treatment to your hair that will be very good for the health of your hair. How ever do not apply Aloe Vera as a night treatment since once the gel gets harden then there might be a possibility for your hair to break off in your deep sleep.

How to make your hair thicker with Avocado

This is a product that is very high in Vitamin E. You can easily get the avocado and make it in to a pulp and apply it on your hair. Furthermore, you can add a yoghurt in to the mixture and a bit of olive oil or coconut oil in order to double to results and strengthen your hair apart from making your hair thick. You can try this treatment once a week in order to get the best results.

how to make your hair thicker
how to make your hair thicker

Stick to natural prodcuts to treat your hair

This natural treatment are the best men’s hair products for thick hair as well as for the women. However, most of the time men are interested in getting thick hair than the women. Women always love to have thin hair that will help them to style up with different new tips and tricks. Therefore, the women’s choice is always thick and lengthy hair with good strength.  

Good Nutrition to improve the thickness in your hair

Fats and proteins are an essential part in our diet in our day today life. Fats and proteins play a major role in improving the thickness of your hair and maintaining the strength. Therefore, it is very important to always follow a balance diet in order to maintain the health of your hair.

By means of a good balanced diet you will be able to improve the strength of your hair and make your hair thicker.

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