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Best Semi Permanent Hair Color For Styling In 2020

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What is semi permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair color is a temporary solution to Dye your hair for a shorter time period rather than permanently coloring your hair. Once you apply the color it will eventually fade away within a short time period. The best part about semi permanent hair dye is that it doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia in the solution which means that it doesn’t need any pre mixing in order to develop the solution. These best semis permanent hair color is readily available in the market and you can easily purchase them through online stores.

what is semi permanent hair color
what is semi permanent hair color

How long does semi permanent hair color last?

It is said that these hair colors will last up to seven to eight shampoo treatments. This is the best way to color your hair without permanently damaging your hair. Therefore, if you are planning your hairstyle for an event or party then this Semi permanent hair color will be a great solution to have a different style with a different look for a short time period.

how long does semi permanent hair color last
how long does semi permanent hair color last

What are the different types of hair colors?

Mainly there are 3  different types of hair colors that you can use to style your hair. Therefore, you can select which type that you will be choosing to color your hair.  Some do prefer that they should try out the Temporary, Semi Permanent or the Permanent Hair Color based on their preferences.

Temporary Hair Color

These type of hair color will not last more than two to four shampoo treatments. Since they are temporary they might be the best choice for a one day or a two day event that you will be participating. Furthermore, if you are some one who is planning to try out a permanent color then this might a good way to test out the color combinations without having any regrets afterwards. There are no peroxides or ammonia present in these temporary hair color. Therefore, they can be directly applied on your hair.

Semi Permanent Hair Color

This type of hair coloring is what we are talking about and it is quite clear that they will last up to eight shampoo treatments maximum. They don’t contain any ammonia or peroxides therefore you can easily apply them directly on your hair. This will be the most ideal solution for your hair style if you are planning your week to get away with your pals.

Permanent Hair Color

This permanent hair treatment will last for a quite a long time since the hair coloring will be penetrating your hair cuticles. This provide a full coverage to your hair and this will be the best solution if you want to hide the embracement of having grey hair. There will be many reasons for you to have grey hair. Permanent hair color will ensure that no one will ever know that you had grey hair. Even though it is said that its permanent it may last up for a color of months and it will fade away slowly. Then you will have to reapply it to cover up the patches. These hair colors contain ammonia and peroxides where you will have to mix at least type of mixtures to develop the solution to be applied on your hair.

Things to consider before you color your hair permanently

If you are planning to color your hair permanently then you will have to think twice before you proceed with the treatment. The reason behind that is once you apply the permanent treatment there is no turning back. Your hair will be permanently damaged and you might have permanent grey hair due to the chemicals that are used in the permanent mixture. Furthermore, sometimes these permanent hair coloring will contain chemicals that will be allergic for your skin.  Therefore, the best way is to apply it behind your ear to check whether it is toxic for your skin and leave it for 10 minutes before you actually apply it on your hair.

how to remove semi permanent hair color
how to remove semi permanent hair color

How to remove semi permanent hair color?

All the semi permanent hair colors are designed to be removed after eight shampoo treatments. The color will eventually fade away once you wash it away with shampoo or hair conditioner. How ever they last longer than the short term hair colors. Therefore, this will be a great solutions for you to style your hair if you need to have a different color on your hair for week or so.

Semi permanent hair color brands

semi permanent hair color brands
semi permanent hair color brands

These are the best brands that you can easily try out to color your hair. The hair colors from these brands could be easily purchased from the nearest drug store, beauty parlor or even by means of online stores where they will ship the products to your door step. Some times these suppliers will ship it free for to your door step.

Best semi permanent hair dye for black hair

Natural Instinct Semi Permanent Color by Clairol

It is said to be one of the best hair treatments that you can use in order to dye your hair black. This will last up to maximum 28 shampoo treatments which means around a month before it starts showing signs of fading. This is an ammonia free product so you will be able directly use it to treat your hair with extra care. The product is priced at 7$ and yes its great deal and provide very good results to treat your hair.

ColorSilk Beautiful Color by Revlon

best semi permanent hair color
best semi permanent hair color

is another brand that will provide you the best results in order to treat your hair with extra care. It is a treatment that can be used for permanent hair coloring. It does come with its own protective shield where it will safeguard your hair from UV light through out the day. The product is also a great combination of dyes and conditioners therefore, it is able to make your hair smooth and silky. If you are some one in search of the Best semi permanent hair color to cover gray this will be the most idea solution to treat your hair with extra care.

Ion semi permanent hair color

Bright Semi Permanent Hair Color by Ion is another great product available in the market to treat your hair with extra care if you are interested in semi permanent color treatment. This color treatment comes in 4 different types which are Rose, Lavendra, Aqua and Shark Blue which you can select when coloring your hair. The price of  this product is 6.39$ and you can get it easily delivered to your door step from an online store.

Clairol semi permanent hair color

Clairol semi permanent hair color
Clairol semi permanent hair color

This Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Semi-permanent Hair Color is another treatment that you can use to color your hair and the price of this product is 4.45$. This product also does not contain any Ammonia rich colors so it is quite favorable to be used by any one and able to deposit rich tone to your hair.   This product does come with a serious of colors therefore you can pick a one out of them to treat your hair.

Adore semi permanent hair dye

This is the best semi permanent treatment that you can use to treat your hair since this product has a wide range of colors that you will like to try out. A single Adore semi permanent hair dye will cost you not more than  6$ and you can easily get it shipped to your door step. Furthermore, it does come in 4 color packs or even six color packs which will cost you around 30$. However, if you don’t use hair treatment sensitive shampoo there is a higher chance of fading away much quicker than the other products.

Loreal semi permanent hair color

Loreal semi permanent hair color
Loreal semi permanent hair color

This is a quite famous brand among girls and everyone knows that Loreal products will do the job since you can rely on the results of this product. Loreal semi permanent hair color does come in 6 shades which include colors such as green, maroon, steal and burgundy which would be idea for brute hair. Furthermore, for the blonde hair they have shades such as lime green, hot pink, soft pink and purple. In addition to that if you have idea of creating your own color then you can mix two or many colors to develop your own color. The price of this product is 11$ and you can easily purchase it online and get delivered to your door step.

Professional semi permanent hair color

IF you are unaware of how to apply these semi permanent hair color the best way you can try out them is to take the colors that you love to beauty parlor and give your idea to the beautician to style up your hair. However, if you are good at styling then you can easily try it at home and even try out different custom colors for you hair.

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